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New speed change service
for your online lifestyle

15 November 2021


One of TrueOnline’s missions is to bring convenience to everyone when it comes to home internet. That’s why we just launched our latest speed change service that allows you to adjust home internet speed according to your household needs (available for customers with 1,000/500 Mbps package). Once you have chosen a lifestyle, we will give you a dedicated bandwidth for that lifestyle while saving another bandwidth for general use so that you can use True home internet to its full capacity at no extra cost. If you hold a package with less than 1,000/500 Mbps, you will need to buy our extra package to upgrade your speed. Then, you’ll be able to adjust the speed to suit your lifestyle.


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How can I adjust my internet speed according to my lifestyle?

For large households, it’s possible that many family members will use the internet across a wide range of devices and with a variety of lifestyles. More often than not, you may encounter slow internet when you are streaming an online video or playing games. Pictures may have lower resolution, sound may stutter, games may lag or you may experience poor uploading times. Downloading files could be slow and inconsistent while meetings or online studying may not go as smooth as you want it to be. 

If you are experiencing these problems, you are not alone. Our new service can help you adjust the internet speed according to your lifestyle needs. Select the desired lifestyle and we will give you a dedicated bandwidth for that lifestyle. For instance, if you are currently using the 1,000/500 Mbps as your main package and you selected “Streaming” as your lifestyle, we will give you a dedicated speed of 700/300 Mbps just for streaming, and another 300/200 Mbps speed for other online activities. Now you can use the internet across the whole house with little to no interruptions as intended. 


How many lifestyles are there to choose from?

There are three main lifestyles that you can choose from as follows: 
1. Streaming mode : This lifestyle is for households that need the internet for watching movies, series, and videos online. 
2. Work & Learn mode : This lifestyle is for households that need the internet for working and studying. This mode will ensure your online meetings through various online platforms are lag-free and steady as well as dedicating high speed internet for downloading and uploading large files. 
3. Gaming mode : This lifestyle is for households that need the internet for lag-free and smooth gaming experience. It is intended for real gamers, game casters, and livestreamers. 


If you are interested in using this speed change service to adjust the internet speed according to their lifestyle, you can apply for the True Gigatex Flexi package with speeds of 1000/500 Mbps.


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Limited time special! If you apply for a 999 baht package or higher between November 10, 2021 – December 31, 2021, you will get to watch popular movies, series, cartoons, and more than 2,000 titles with the TrueID+ package. Plus, enjoy True Premier League live and the privilege of True Gigatex Mesh WiFi -- an accessory to boost the WiFi signal coverage across the entire house.


For existing customers who want to use the speed change service, you will need to upgrade your speed to 1,000/500 Mbps by applying for an extra package (99 baht per month).


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