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With staff on 24 hour standby, True Gigatex Tech Pro will always be there for you

02 March 2022



Bangkok February 21st, 2022 – 


TrueOnline is proud to present the next evolution of Thai internet service with True Gigatex Tech Pro, a rapid response service for all your network needs. With a team of over 4,000 technicians on standby for any calls and a coverage over 77 provinces nationwide, TrueOnline stands ready to process and resolve any internet issues within 24 hours. Our staff are aided by genius AI technology to further enhance our analytical abilities and improve overall maintenance quality. 

Mr. Tanapoom Pakvisal, True Corporation's Director & Head of Commercial TrueOnline, said that "TrueOnline has continuously redefined the Thai broadband market with our product and service innovation. With True Gigatex Tech Pro, we wanted to redefine our customer’s experience. We want people to experience a network quality that is worthy of worldwide acclaim. To do that, we have established a proactive maintenance team with the capacity to solve connectivity problems within 24 hours. With AI assistance, we are able to work on strengthening network quality and fix issues preemptively and swiftly as they emerge. With a team of over 4,000 qualified technicians we have the means to guarantee coverage over 77 provinces nationwide. TrueOnline customers need simply contact the Call Center 1242 for an immediate hotline to the team. 

Given the current circumstances surrounding the pandemic, True Group will continue to adhere to the following COVID-19 protection measures before entering customers’ premises; 

Every morning before starting work, all True technicians are required to take their body temperatures and record it daily. This figure will be attached to their True staff ID for customers to see.

True technicians are required to wear sanitary masks while traveling and working. Staff must also regularly wash their hands with alcohol gel after any contact.   

True technicians must scan a Thai Chana QR Code (if available) at home or office, introduce themselves, present their staff ID, and the result of their body temperature before getting customers permission to enter their premises. Technicians must also wear gloves when working or fixing the equipment. 

Technicians will maintain a minimum distance of 1.5-2 meters from customers based on Social Distancing measures

Clean equipment with alcohol gel before and after installation and wash hands after finishing the task.

Refrain from touching items in customers’ houses. If necessary, they must wash items with alcohol every time.


For more information, contact any branch of True shop or or Tel. 02 700 8000