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What is Speed Shuffle? +
Speed Shuffle is an online service for TrueOnline customers to change the download and upload speed of home fiber internet without extra charges. There are several options for speed changes.
I've already applied for TrueOnline internet. When can I start using Speed Shuffle? +
You will be able to shuffle internet speed the next day after the technicians installed internet router.
Who can use Speed Shuffle? +
TrueOnline customers who use the internet package with at least 200 Mbps download speed.
If I have both main and extra internet package, can I combine their speed for Speed Shuffle? +
No, we will automatically use the package with higher total speed amount instead.
If I change my internet package, what would happen to my Speed Shuffle? +
Your shuffled speed will disappear and return to the default speed of your internet package. You will need to re-select the options.
I want to bring back the default speed of my internet package. What should I do? +
Just choose the option 'Max Download' on the website.