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Become our future leader…


Good opportunities to gain extensive hands-on work experience, along with exposure to various roles within the organization, for over 18 months.


Tech Talent

  • Digital savvy with an entrepreneurial mindset

  • 1-3 years of experience in related fields
    (AI, Math-Statistics, Data Science, Engineering, etc.)

  • Portfolio in Digital/Tech projects

Business Talent

  • Entrepreneurial mindset with strong inspirational and leadership skills

  • Fresh grad or 0-3 years experience

  • Mobility to work in upcountry is a must

Why Join Us?


Database in Thailand


Extensive rotation


Directly with Our Executives


Build relationships with the
True Next Gen community


What is the duration of the program?

18-month program consisting of 3-rotation (6 months per rotation)

What are the differences between the old and new programs?
  • To be the No.1 Telecom-Tech Company business leader. This batch adjusts the characteristics of the talent that we are looking for TNG Profile (DNA/Competency) to align with the organization's goals and future challenges.
  • The new selection process is fun yet intense with processes that make candidates learn more about how to run a successful business.
  • Customized self-development program.
  • Mentorship for both Work & Life to create employee engagement and provide job development through learning from a learning society, and knowledge exchange between TNG and internal/external stakeholders.
  • Rotation is designed to enhance abilities and promote career opportunities including a transparent performance evaluation measurement.
What happens to career path, career growth, and career development after completing the program?
  • Fast-track career advancement under True Corp and across CP Group
  • Enhance and develop your ability with a culture of continuous learning and receive coaching from executives
What are the benefits of the program?
  • Hand-on experience in new technology or new data set covering more than 50 million people which they cannot find anywhere else
  • Hand-on experience with an opportunity to explore different business functions
  • Intensive leadership development through Lifelong-Learning Culture
  • Close mentoring by top executives
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits
What are the characteristics of the job?

Project-based assignment in a strategic area of each function

Can I apply to both tracks?

Yes, if the candidate profile fits both tracks.
The committee will consider the appropriate track after the selection process.

What is a type of employment?

Permanent Employee

What is the difference between business talent and tech talent?

Business Talent:
New generation leaders with management ability, strategic planning skill, and ability to drive the team towards success according to the strategic plan. Be flexible, and ready to work in different areas.

Tech Talent:
New-generation leaders with expertise in Technology, understand the nature of business and are able to apply Data & Technology to propose innovative solutions to strengthen business competitiveness.


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