Online channels that help you stop your stress


Everyday we have to cope with many emotions, for example, excitement, happiness, gladness, sadness and depression, especially during a time like this when the world is affected by the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19. Since the chances of a second wave of the COVID-19 are high, we may start to be worried if our job and financial status are stable enough to survive the COVID-19 pandemic (apart from being stressed from attempting to avoid the contraction). To help you reduce stress, TrueOnline suggests a few ways that you can use online channels to calm your mind and motivate yourself to look on the bright side.


Be happy by listening to a feel-good podcast


You may have already heard about a series of audio episodes on the internet which are commonly known as podcasts. There are numerous feel-good podcasts available in Thai language. Here we pick “Kwam Sook Doey Sang Ket” (Happiness through observation), a podcast from THE STANDARD website hosted by Sarawut Hengsawad, a famous author better known as New Klom (Round Finger). The discussions on the podcast episodes cover many aspects such as cultures, beliefs, sciences and psychology. The narrator tries to encourage listeners to open their eyes, observe things around them and think about them in a positive way. So listening to this podcast will more or less lead you to find happiness and peace of mind.


Heal your mind with Headspace


It’s a good idea to start your day with a peaceful mind. Meditation is one of the ways to reduce stress and make you find peace inside of your soul. Headspace can help you with this matter. This meditation application has 60 million downloads. You can access it as a website on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Headspace is designed based on the concept of “Gym for mental lifting” and comes with a friendly and colourful character to attract users.  Statistically, it shows that 10 days of using Headspace results in a 16% increase in happiness and positive emotions. Even short meditation can help us to manage stress, reduce anxiety and cultivate peace of mind. After meditation, you’ll be able to reframe your perspectives and get a restful sleep. If you’re interested in using Headspace, there’s a 2-week free trial of 10 basic sessions.  And, if you would like to go advanced, service fee starts from $5.83 or about ฿180/month.


Consult with psychiatrists online


If you’re stressed and there’s no one to talk to or ask for advice, Ooca comes to your rescue. This website is an online platform for you to connect with psychiatrists through video call. Just sit on a comfortable sofa at your home and visit the website, then you can consult with a psychiatrist on the computer or smartphone. You can make a schedule with him/her as per your convenience. If you’re concerned about privacy, don’t be worried—the website keeps your information confidential. The fee is about ฿1,000 - 1,500 per a 30-minute psychotherapy session. In case you’re not sure if you need to talk with a psychiatrist or not, you can do the stress inventory test first.


Anytime you feel down or get anxiety, remember that you can always cheer yourself up or calm your mind. Maybe you just try to use online channels above, so you can get through the difficult time and stop being stuck with negative emotions.