How to block Fraud or Spam Messages from unknown Caller for iOS

To prevent receiving various forms of fraud SMS for investment, online gambling  or lure to press further link, you could block these SMS simple by yourself through these following process;


1. Go to “setting” menu

2. Search for “Message”

3. Search for “Unknown & Spam” then click

4. Under the category “Filter Unknown Sender” click the green tab to activate

5. Under the sub-category “SMS Filtering”, if there are supporting applications such as Whoscall, you could click for immediate activation


For how to block SMS for Android Click


Not only to block SMS by yourself, you could block unwanted numbers  such as insurance sales representative and spam both on iOS and Andriod as followed;

How to block phone number on iOS

1. Click on the “Phone” icon to select the number you wish to block on the recent calls list by click on the i behind the number

2. Click on the Red menu “Block this Caller” below to block the number

3. A pop-up window will appear and click on “Block this Caller”

4. Menu will switch to “Unblock this Caller”

5. Once you block this caller, the number is unable to call again

How to block phone number of Android

1. Click on “Phone” icon to choose number you wish to block from the incoming and outgoing by click on i behind the selected number

2. Click on “Block” in the tap below

3. A pop-up window will appear and click on “Block”

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