How to set up Wi-Fi for ZTE F668

  1. Open a Browser, at URL type then Enter. At ZTE login page, enter Username = admin and Password = password and press Login
  2. Click Network
  3. Go to WLAN > Basic set up as follows:
    • Wireless RF Mode = turn off/ turn on Wi-Fi
    • Mode = select the last one with Mixed (b, g, n)
    • Country/Region = select United States of America
    • Channel = Default setting is Auto
  4. Click WLAN > SSID Setting set up as follows:
    • Choose SSID =  can set up up to 4 from SSID1 – SSID4
    • Hide SSID = place a check mark at SSID to hide it
    • Enable SSID = place a check mark to enable
    • SSID Name = enter Wi-Fi name
  5. Click WLAN > Security set up as follows:
    • Choose SSID = choose SSID which has been set
    • Authentication Type =  select preferred type
    •  WPA Passphrase = enter passcode

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