Set up Forwarding for HUMAX HG100RE (version 1.3.3)

  1. Type in the Address bar then press Enter, User Name = admin, Password = password and press Login
  2. Click Advanced Network Settings
  3. On the left, select Advanced > Forwarding
    • Description : enter any name
    • Protocol : select as per use, if not sure, choose Both
    • Application and Port : select using Service and Port will be automatically added, to manually set, choose User Define
    • Local : enter IP of device to forward port e.g. IP of camera
    • External : enter only
    • Port : enter the same value in 4 spaces, or entering e.g. 37777-38888 both up and down row
    • Press Activate to make it blue, if it's grey that means Inactivate
    • When finished, press Apply

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