Set time to enable-disable Wireless on ZTE F668

  1. Open a Browser and type in the Address bar then press Enter, Username = admin, Password = password and press Login
  2. Status page
  3. Set time on Router to be at present > if it’s correct, go to no. (4) > if not, set as follows :
    • Time Zone : select GMT+07.00 Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
    • Primary NTP Server Address : enter
    • Secondary NTP Server Address : leave it blank
    • Poll Interval : 86400
    • press Submit
  4. Network > WLAN > Basic >Wireless RF Mode, select Scheduled then press Submit
  5. WiFi Restrictions > Wireless RF Mode is Scheduled, you can set time to enable-disable Wireless
    • Off Time : enter time to disable Wireless
    • On Time : enter time to enable Wireless
    • press Submit

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