What should customer prepare before traveling abroad?

  1. Before travelling abroad, you are advised to check roaming service. In case you did not activate roaming service, You can be applied simply by dialing USSD *112*1#then call or contact True Call Center 1242. You will receive confirmation upon successful activation and the permanent credit limit will be automatically adjusted with package fee.

  2. You can check the credit limit and control roaming service budget, please contact True Call Center 1242
  3. Check for the availability of mobile network and international roaming rate where you will travel to in order to use the network appropriately while roaming
  4. Ensure handset / device's compatibility and support while traveling
  5. A cancellation of Call forwarding is advised to avoid the additional charge (In case you turn on call forwarding and do not receive a call while roaming, you will be charged at roaming calling rate to Thailand). Simply dial ##002# then call to cancel call forwarding service.
  6. Temporarily turn off data before departure to avoid data roaming charge. Once you turn off data roaming, you won't have access to mobile data
  7. How to turn off data on your phone
  8. Turn off data via USSD service by dialing *113*2 # Call or *106 # Call
  9. Contact True Call Center 1242
  10. There will be a delay approximately 1-2 days of usage charge abroad delivered from network provider which might exceed your credit limit. This charge is the actual usage that customer used while traveling abroad.
  11. Before traveling abroad, you are advised to check the electricity circuit and a type of electrical socket in order to prepare the plug or charger that's compatible with the electrical socket in the country where traveling to

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