Block MAC address for FiberHome AN5506-04-CG

  1. Open a browser e.g. Chrome, type and press Enter , Username = admin, Password = password then press Login
  2. It'll lead to Status page
  3. Go to Security > Firewall > MAC Filtering 
    • MAC Filtering Enable : select Enable
    • MAC Filtering Blacklist /Whitelist : to Block, choose Black List / to allow, choose White List
    • Then press Apply
    • MAC Address : enter MAC Address of device to block as per the correct format (ex. 00:24:21:19:BD:E4)
    • Start Time : start time to block that MAC Address
    • End Time : end time to block that MAC Address
    • Enable : select Enable
    • Then press Apply
  4. When finished at MAC Address Filtering Table, it will show information

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