How to set up WDS for Cisco EPC2325

Main Router and Site Router settings

  1. SSID : same
  2. Channel : same
  3. Wireless Security : same
  4. Wireless Bridging : Enabled (same)
  5. Remote Bridges : at Main Router enter MAC Address of Site Router while at Site Router enter MAC Address of  Main Router
  6. IP LAN : change at Site Router to avoid duplicate IP
  7. DHCP : Disable at Siter Router

How to search Wireless MAC Address of each Router

  1. Open a brawser e.g. Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, chrome and click Setup
  2. Type IP = at the Address bar and then Enter > Login with Username = admin ,Password = W2402 and click OK
    Note: if typing doesn’t work, try entering and Username = admin / Password = password
  3. At Status, notice Wireless Primary Interface, enter the values of Wireless Primary Interface from Main Router in Site Router and enter the values from Site Router in Main Router

How to turn on Wireless Bridging and enter MAC Address

  1. Click Setup and Bridging at Wireless
  2. Wireless Bridging select Enabled
  3. At Remote Bridges, enter MAC Address of Router to set WDS e.g. 1a:2b:3c:4d:5e:6f and click Apply

How to change IP LAN at Site Router

  1. Setup > Network Configuration
  2. Edit the last number e.g. change to and click Apply

How to Disable DHCP at Site Router

  1. Setup > LAN IP Address Management
  2. Select No at DHCP and then Apply

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