How to set up 4G Pocket WiFi via Wi-Fi

  1. Press Power button and hold the button until 4 LEDs are blinking and then release Power button
  2. Prepare the device to connect to 4G Pocket WiFi, if using iPhone, go to [Settings]
  3. Select Wi-Fi, device will search for nearby Wi-Fi network, select true_pocketwifi_4F1B 
  4. Enter [Password] and then [Join]
  5. Once connected, there’ll be a check mark in front of Wi-Fi name
  6. At mobile phone, select Safari [Safari]
  7. In URL enter and then press Go or Enter
  8. 4G Pocket Wi-Fi main page, Enter data as follows:
    • Username = admin (lowercase)
    • Password = password (lowercase)
    • Tap Sign In
  9. Thanks for choosing 4G Pocket Wi-Fi page will display, select Skip to go the next page
  10. Configure Main Page will appear

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