How to set up 4G CAR WiFi (5 Users) via Wi-Fi

  1. At USB slot side, there’ll be connection information sticker at the bottom
  2. Connection information:
    • SSID = true_carwifi_Dxxx following number will vary according to each device
    • WiFi Key  = 12345678 : will vary according to each device
  3. At the other side, you’ll find SIM Card symbol, open it
  4. Slot for SIM Card
  5. Insert SIM Card 
  6. Insert device into cigarette lighter in car and then turn on the device 
  7. [Power] button is white/ grey means it’s turning on, connecting network
  8. Afterwards, it will turn green
  9. [Power] button will be red and blinking on process of connecting network
  10. Wait a moment (around 1–2 minutes) the device will connect network and Power button turns green
  11. Back to device to connect Wi-Fi from 4G CAR WiFi (if using iPhone, go to [Settings]
  12. Choose [Wi-Fi]
  13. Turn on Wi-Fi and wait a moment, device will search for nearby Wi-Fi network, then connect true_carwifi_D099
  14. Enter [Password] and then tap [Join]
  15. Wait a moment
  16. Once connected, a check mark will appear in front of Wi-Fi name
  17. Back to mobile phone, choose [Safari] / or other browser
  18. Type in URL and then press Go (or type and press Enter)
  19. 4G Pocket Wi-Fi main page
  20. Enter information
    • Username = admin (lowercase)
    • Password = password (lowercase)
    • Tap Sign In
  21. Thanks for choosing 4G Pocket Wi-Fi page will display, you can choose between Quick Setup and Skip, select Skip to go the next page because it’s already set up by default
  22. Configure Main Page will appear
  23. To exit from this page, select Logout (top left corner)
  24. Back to Main Page again

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