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Reach Out to Customers

Innovative messaging tools
for communicating to customers.

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Mobile Messaging

Reach all your mobile customers instantly and engage with them wherever they are.

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Real-Time Digital Signage

Display real-time contents in public areas for brand visibility and marketing opportunities.

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Tailored-Made Digital Catalog

Tool to customize your digital catalogue like a professional.

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Local to Global

Extend the reach of your business globally.

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Video Conference

High quality visual communication for your online business meetings.

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Internet Connectivity

Access and exchange information securely across all your offices around the world.

Call phone
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Stay Connected

Wide-ranging platforms to keep your teams connected.

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iMeeting Software

Conduct meetings and collaborate in real-time with your teams from around the world.

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Handy company-wide phonebook solution.

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Fleet Tracking

Optimize your vehicle performance by managing your routes and keeping track of their location.

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Cloud-Based Integrated Communication

Consolidate all communication in a single device.

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Cost Saving

Cost efficient voice communication.

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Integrated Fixed-Line & Mobile Solution

Special rates and unlimited calls between office and mobile phones to provide freedom for team communication, including call forwarding service from office phone to mobile phone.

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Long-Distance Calls

Competitive pricing for all your long-distance calls.

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Better Service

Manage domestic and international phone calls effectively.

Call Center
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Business Contact

A special tool to give you the edge where you can be easily reached by business partners.

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Customer Profiling

Learn more about your customers to improve customer satisfaction.

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Call Center

Outsource your call center to us and let our professional team assist your customers.

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Data Secured

Store and share information through private networks.

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Data Security

Control application installation on personal mobile devices and separate corporate data from personal data.

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Secured Data Backup

A complete set of solutions for your business to be prepared for unexpected events, emergencies, and natural disasters. Our ICT experts provide consultation and assistance to you 24 hours.

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Safe Center For Your Servers

Locate your servers in our data center to minimize hardware maintenance cost. The facility is secure with power backup systems, controlled temperature and humidity as well as fire protection system.

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Expert Network Service

We offer end-to-end solutions for all your network needs. Our experts are available 24 hours to keep your network stable, so you can focus on your core business.

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Cloud CCTV Recorder

Cloud-based security camera recorder that delivers fast and secure remote monitoring. It records and stores all video footage as backup on the cloud for you to watch anytime.

Data Security


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