VDO Why does the first bill charge over my package price?

Why the first bill of TrueOnline or True Visions went up ?

because there'll be 2 charging items in first bill as follows:

  • item 1.  is service fee since the installation date until cut of date, monthly fee will be Prorated charge
  • item 2.  is monthly fee that's 1-month advance informed

when summarize 2 items this'll show service fee in first bill higher than package price. For next bill, it'll show normal charge base on the bought package


TrueMove H service fee is calculated differently from True Visions and TrueOnline 

It will be charged base on usage day since the Active date until cut of date


For those who has changed to new package may wonder why service's charged for 2 items​ ?

this is because the change of package during bill cycle and service fee for old and new package'll be calculated base on customer's usage day

  • old package calculated from bill cycle start date to date before changing package
  • new package calculated from date changing package to end of bill cycle date

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