How to set up Port Forwarding for HUAWEI HG8247H

  1. Open a Browser and type at URL bar, enter Username = admin / Password = password then press Login
  2. Go to Forward Rules > Port Mapping Configuration > press New
  3. Set up as follows:
    • Type : select User-defined
    • Application : n/a
    • Enable Port Mapping : tick a check mark to enable
    • Mapping Name : ente name
    • Internet Host : enter IP Address of device to forward port
    • External Source IP Address : n/a
    • press Add
  4. After pressing Add, set up as follows: 
    • Protocol : choose as per device used if not sure choose TCP/UDP
    • Internal Port number : enter Port number that want to forward
    • External Port number : enter the same numbers as Internal Port number
    • If want to set up more, press Add
    • Once finished, press Apply to save the settings
    • To delete, press Delete
  5. After setting, back to first page there’ll be settings information
  6. To delete Port Forwarding Profile : tick a check mark in front of Profile > press Delete > a pop up to confirm deletion, press OK

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