How to set up Wireless for Humax HG100RE

Set up 802.11Band and Channel

  1. Type then Enter and enter Username = admin, Password = password and click Login
  2. Click at Wireless on the top to access Radio menu and click Help
  3. Set up as follows:
    • Wireless Interface : select between WiFi0 = 5GHz, WiFi1 = 2.4GHz and in the parentheses is Mac Address
    • Wireless : Enabled
    • Bandwidth : 2.4GHz choose 20MHz, 5GHz choose either 20 or 40MHz
    • Control Channel : Auto  but can adjust the channel to avoid duplication with other Wireless by using ‘Scan Wireless APs’ button to scan
  4. Press Apply

Set up SSID and Security

  1. Click Wireless
  2. Click Primary Network on the left
  3. Click Help on the top
  4. Set up as follows:
    • Primary Network : Enabled
    • Network Name (SSID) : name the network
    • WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK : Enabled (recommended)
    • WPA/WPA2 Encryption : AES
    • WPA Pre Shared Key : enter password for Wireless usage  (click Show Key to display the password)
    • WPS : WPS or Disabled depending on the usage. To use Wireless, select WPS
    • Scroll bar down to next page
  5. It is WEP setting which is old Security system (not recommend to set up), click Apply

Set up MAC Filter

  1. Click Wireless
  2. Click Access Control on the left
  3. Click Help on the top
  4. MAC Restrict Mode select the following options: 
    • Disabled : disable this function
    • Allow : allow to use only specified MAC Address
    • Deny : Not allow to use specified MAC Address
    • Enter MAC Address and click ‘Apply’, that MAC Address will show in the table

Set up WDS

  1. Click Wireless  
  2. Click WDS on the left
  3. Click Help on the top
  4. Wireless Bridging : select ‘Enabled’ to set up WDS and enter Wireless MAC Address of main Wireless Router (mostly should be the same brand and model) and then click Apply

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