How to set up Wireless LAN on Zyxel P660HN-T1A

  1. Type enter “password” for the password (all lower casing)
  2. Setting up Wireless LAN
    1. The AP (Access Point) Security Key Default is WEP 5-digit should be changed to WPA for higher security
    2. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) Select Enable WPS then click Apply
    3. Wireless power button
      • Press and hold for 1-2 seconds to turn on/off the Wireless TThe Security Mode is WPA2 And the Encryption is AES for the highest security
      • WPS using > When you turned on WPS Function on Wireless Computer with Windows 7 or a computer with the Wireless USB in stalled that supports WPS, you can access Zyxel router without entering Passkey. Simply trying to connect to the Router by pushing the button on the router.
      • WPS Station The user “admin” can control a router by pushing Button for others to use this router as follows:
        • Those who want to use the Router (Using wireless computer and Windows 7) when trying to connect will see as shown
        • Besides the admin or the router’s user can push a Button to connect the internet from Zyxel router, they can change from pushing the hardware to “Push Button” at the Software as shown.

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