Set up LAN for HUMAX HV100-02

  1. Type in the Address bar on Browser then press Enter, type Username = admin, Password = password then press Login
  2. On the left, select SETUP > Local Network and set up as follows:
    • IP Address : router's IP or Default Gateway, it can be changed
    • DHCP Option : (Disable : disable Router to share IP), (DHCP Server : enable Router to auto share IP)
    • IP Pool Starting Address : Router’s starting IP to auto share IP
    • IP Pool Ending Address : Router’s ending IP to auto share IP
    • Lease Time : 86400 (24 hours) *if numbers are less than this, it may cause frequent line disconnection*
  3. DNS settings: remove a check mark from DNS Relay, thereafter you can set up Primary DNS Servers and Secondary DNS Servers, once completed, press Apply to save settings

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