Set up Access Point Mode for TP-Link RE350

  1. Type or on Browser and enter Username = admin / Password = admin then press Login
  2. A pop up to Create a new username and password, if don’t want to, click a Plus sign (x) to close this window
  3. On the top menu, select Settings
  4. And choose Mode
  5. A pop up to Switch Mode, select Internet Access Point then press Save
  6. Press Yes again to confirm
  7. The device is rebooting, wait for a while until 100%
  8. Back to Status page again
  9. At Settings on left menu, select Network
    • Choose Obtain an IP address automatically then press Save
    • Choose DHCP Server : Auto then press Save
  10. On left menu, select Wireless : set up Wireless as desired
  11. WPS : can set or not set
  12. Status menu : if the customer doesn’t connect LAN cable from main Router to Access Point, Internet status will show “disconnect”
  13. If LAN cable connected from main Router to Access Point, internet status will show a check mark at globe sign and IP Address obtained from main Router will be shown in below table  
  14. At Wireless Client : to check connected client

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