How to set up WPS for HUAWEI HG8247H

  1. Open a Browser and type at URL bar then press Enter , a Login page will appear
    Enter Account = admin / Password = password then press Login
  2. Set up WPS on the left, select WLAN > WLAN Basic Configuration
    • WPS must be used with encryption WPA / WPA2 /WPA&WPA2 only​
    • Enable WPS : tick a check mark to enable
    • WPS Mode : 3 options are PBC, PIN, AP-PIN
    • Regenerate PIN : for changing to new PIN
    • Reset PIN : for changing PIN to default PIN
  3. Set up WPS Mode PBC with Smart Phone (except iPhone that doesn't support WPS)
    • Press and hold WPS button on the right for 5 seconds, WPS LED will be solid on
    • At Smart Phone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, Press Menu button > select WPS push button. Device will automatically connect to Wi-Fi
  4. Set up WPS Mode PIN with Smart Phone (except iPhone that doesn't support WPS)
    • At Smart Phone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi
    • Press Menu button > select WPS PIN entry
    • PIN will show on Smart Phone
    • Enter PIN from Smart Phone in PIN then press Apply. Device will automatically connect to Wi-Fi
  5. Set up WPS Mode AP-PIN with Windows 10
    1. Click at Wi-Fi sign at bottom right
    2. Choose Wi-Fi network and press Connect
    3. Enter 8-digit PIN from the Router label
    4. Once finished, press Next. Device will automatically connect to Wi-Fi 

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