Set Parental Control for Cisco EPC3928D

Step 1 User Setup Menu : go to User Setup Menu and set up as follows:

  1. Enable at User Setting (Default)
  2. Set Password as desired
  3. Press Save Settings (if pressing Save Settings but the modem doesn’t accept  all settings, reset Session Duration and Inactivity time to 1 then press Save Settings) (not recommend to enable Trusted User)

Step 2 Basic Rules Menu : go to Basic Rules and set up as follows:

  1. Set Rule Settings as desired
  2. Enable at Parental Control then press Apply
  3. Set Override Password as desired then press Apply

Step 3 Time Of Day Rules Menu : before setting Time Of Day Rules, you need to set Time to the same as Thailand time
Set time to Thailand time : go to Time Settings and set up as follows:

  1. Change Time Zone to GMT+07:00 
  2. Press Save Settings
  3. Check time on Current System Time and Latest Update Success, they should be alike or nearly the same time as in Thailand at that moment. If Current System Time hasn’t changed, turn off-on modem

Set Time Of Day Rules in Parental Control
Go to Time of Day Rules 

  1. Set Time Access Rule as desired e.g. David then press Add, that name will show in below List then click Enabled
  2. Select day to block e.g. Wednesday
  3. Set time duration to block e.g. from 12:00 AM to 12:30 AM
  4. Press Save Settings

Set up as follows:

  1. After setting, check the name set in Time Access Rule (David) will appear in Time Access Rule List on User Setup page (step 1 User Setup Menu)    
  2. Click at David
  3. Press Save Settings

Step 4 Parental Control

  1. For first use of Internet, the user will be blocked and requested to enter the Password by using the Password set in Step 1 User Setup Menu and then press Login
  2. Popup screen will appear, don’t press Logout and test using the Internet
  3. Test accessing the blocked website, it’ll show a popup message, enter the Password from Step 2 Basic Rules Menu then press Apply, so the user can access website
  4. If setting ToD, the user can’t access the Internet during specified time and screen will display as shown

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