Pictures and Details of ZTE F612C



  1. PON : port for Fiber Optic
  2. LAN1 : LAN port for RJ45
  3. LAN2 : LAN port for RJ45
  4. Phone : telephone port for RJ11 (if have Fixed Line Plus)
  5. Reset : Reset hole to reset to factory settings (press and hold about 10 seconds)
  6. CATV : Cable port for RG6 True Visions
  7. Power : port for power in 12V 2A
  8. On/Off: button to turn On-Off


  1. Sticker Username/ Password to access the settings
  2. Sticker identify TrueOnline / TrueVisions / Fixed Line Plus numbers




LED status

Contents in a box

  1. Router ZTE F612C
  2. Power Adapter
  3. LAN cable (RJ45)
  4. User Manual

Device connection

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