Set up Repeater (Extender) for AP Humax Quantum T3A

  1. To access AP setup page from a browser, if not yet connect to main router, type or  If connect to main Router which is Gateway, type or , ID: admin / Password: enter last 4 digits of serial number
  2. At Easy Setup, select Advanced Setup
  3. Select Management
  4. And then Mode
  5. Select Repeater Mode and then press Apply
  6. Wait for system to restart around 1 minute
  7. A Browser will redirect to Login page again or type , enter ID: admin / Password: enter last 4 digits of serial number  Remarks :  if change to Repeater mode, to access Setup Page, type only, can't access page by using IP Address 
  8. At Easy Setup, select Other Products and then press Next
  9. Wait a moment, system will show SSID or Wi-Fi network that AP can search
  10. Click preferred SSID and enter the password of that network
  11. Enter the network name which AP will extend network and Password then press Finish
  12. Wait for system to restart around 1 minute
  13. A Browser will redirect to Login page again, enter ID: admin / Password: enter last 4 digits of serial number
  14. To check status, at Home page a globe sign will show a green check and “Connected”
  15. Click AP Sign (next to Globe sign), it’ll show IP address of main Router

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