Set up Access Point for AP Humax Quantum T3ATv2

  1. To access AP setup page from a browser, type or press Enter, ID = admin / Password = password  and then enter the letters as shown to confirm the access and press Login
  2. After logging in, it’ll lead to Welcome to QUANTUM T3ATv2 : set up Access Point mode can be done at: Easy Setup and Advanced Setup
  3. At Easy Setup : press Start 
  4. At Internet Setting > Connection Type : select Dynamic IP and press Next
  5. It’ll show IP address obtained from main Router then press Next
  6. Wireless Setting :
    • Network Name (SSID) : enter Wireless name
    • Password : enter the password for Wireless and then press Next
  7. Change Password (Optional) : is the page for changing password to access AP setup page (can change or not change) then press Next
  8. Summary : check the settings then press Done
  9. System is saving the settings, wait a moment
  10. Back to Home page again, notice at globe sign, a green check mark will appear, it means successfully connected to main Router
  11. Advanced Setup : at Welcome to QUANTUM T3AT, select Advanced Setup
  12. Go to Network > Internet > Connection Type > Dynamic IP and press Apply
  13. System is saving the settings, wait a moment

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