Home page on AP D-Link DIR-895L

  1. Open a Browser, type > do not enter the password > press Login
  2. Internet status
    1. Globe sign:  show internet connection information
    2. Cable Status : show if LAN connection between Modem and AP
    3. Connection Type : by default DHCP, set AP to receive IP Address from main Modem
    4. Network Status : show if having Internet network or not
    5. Connection Uptime : total time period since turning on AP
    6. Release IP Address : press this button to receive new IP Address from main Modem
    7. Mac Address : MAC Address of AP
    8. IP Address : IP Address of AP received from main Modem
    9. Default Gateway : Default Gateway received from main Modem
  3. Status of AP D-link 895L
    1. AP : when click on the AP icon, it’ll show AP basic information
    2. IP v4 Network > Router IP Address : IP Address or Default Gateway of AP
    3. Wi-Fi > Status : show if Wi-Fi is turned on
    4. Wi-Fi Name (SSID) : network name
    5. Password : password of Wi-Fi
  4. Connected clients status
    1. Smartphone icon : it’ll show number of device connected to AP, click here it’ll show basic information of those devices
    2. Connection type e.g. Wireless or LAN
    3. Device name
    4. IP Address of those devices received from AP

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