How to block Website for Cisco EPC2325

  1. Open a Browser and type in the Address bar
  2. Click Setup
  3. Popup page, enter Username = admin / Password = W2402 > OK
    Note: if typing doesn’t work, try entering and Username = admin / Password = password
  4. At Parental Control : click User Setup
  5. At User Setup page, create username / password and click Apply
  6. At Parental Control : click Basic Rules
  7. Place a check mark at Enable Parental Control > Apply
  8. Type ‘word’ to be blocked and click Add Keyword or type web to be blocked and click Add Domain (if you’d like to delete, click at word or web and then click Remove Keyword or Remove Domain)
  9. At the same page at the bottom, enter the Password to access a blocked website
  10. At Parental Control : click Time of Day Rules
  11. Set up Date and time to block website in item 8

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