Set up LAN on HUAWEI DN8245W

  1. Type at Browser and press Enter, User = user, Password = HuaweiUser then press Log In
    remarks : For first time Login, it’s compelled to change the password and it should not be repeated with default password
  2. LAN Host Configuration
    • click Advanced Configuration > LAN Host Configuration
    • Default Gateway : Primary IP Address : for Default Gateway or IP Address of Router setup, when finished, press Apply
  3. DHCP Server Configuration
    • click Advanced Configuration > DHCP Server Configuration
    • IP Address setup
      • Enable Primary DHCP Server : click a check to automatically allow Router distribute IP Address to connecting device
      • Start IP Address : Start IP Address distribute to connecting device
      • End IP Address : End IP Address distribute to connecting device
      • can change IP number to be the same as Default Gateway
      • when finished, press Apply

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