How to set up 4G Pocket WiFi via USB on Windows 7

  1. Press Power button [turn on]
  2. Press and hold the button until 4 LEDs are blinking and then release Power button
  3. Prepare USB cable (connect pocket WiFi via Micro USB / connect computer via USB)
  4. Connect Micro USB cable to 4G Pocket WiFi
  5. Connect USB cable to computer
  6. At computer “Installing device driver software” will appear
  7. Wait a moment and “Select a location for the Network” will appear (choose network type) for the equipment to connect internet (Home network /Public network)
  8. Configure page on computer with Windows 7
  9. At URL type and press Enter
  10. 4G Pocket WiFi main page, Enter data as follows:
    • Username = admin (lowercase)
    • Password = password (lowercase)
    • Tap Sign In
  11. At Thanks for choosing 4G Pocket WiFi page
  12. Choose Skip because this device has been set up by TRUE
  13. Configure Main Page will appear
  14. To exit, click Logout (top left corner), Back to Main Page again

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