Pair Apple Watch First time and update WatchOS on iPhone

  1. After unboxing Apple Watch and power it on first time, select language : here select Thai
  2. Confirm language selection for Apple Watch, tap a check mark
  3. Processing ...
  4. If you have an Apple Watch, you can pair it with your iPhone here, tap (Start Pairing)
  5. On iPhone, swipe screen up
  6. Control Center will appear, tap Bluetooth (butterfly) to turn on
  7. Bluetooth sign turns white and the sign will be shown on top right corner
  8. Select Watch App on iPhone
  9. Tap (Start Pairing) on the main screen
  10. (Hold Apple Watch up to the Camera), align it with the viewfinder
  11. When aligning iPhone with Apple Watch, Apple Watch screen will be as shown
  12. Update your Apple Watch, tap (Update Now) on iPhone *if Apple Watch has old watchOS, it is compulsory to update to the latest  version or it is unusable*
  13. Checking for updates ...
  14. New watchOS including file size found, iPhone needed to connect to WiFi and Apple Watch needed to connect to its charger and battery should have not less than 50% to install new watchOS
  15. Go down then tap (Download and Install)
  16. (Downloading to Watch…)
  17. iPhone and Apple Watch are connected, on iPhone go to (Settings) > (Bluetooth) > you’ll find Apple Watch in (MY DEVICES)
  18. Watch App shows (Estimate time…) for downloading software
  19. On Apple Watch shows Apple sign
  20. On iPhone shows (Installing)
  21. On Apple Watch, tiny white lines run clockwise showing software update status
  22. On iPhone shows Apple Watch is completing the update and showing status tab
  23. Once completed, Apple sign will appear
  24. On iPhone a message says (Your Apple Watch Is Paired), tap Apple Watch
  25. (Wrist Preference), tap left or right to pick a wrist, here choose Left
  26. Read (Terms and Conditions), tap (Agree)
  27. (Terms and Conditions), then tap (Agree) again to continue
  28. (Shared Settings), tap (OK)
  29. (Apple Watch Passcode), tap (Don’t add Passcode)
  30. (Activity), tap (Skip This Step)
  31. Install Available Apps, select (Install All) *or Install later*
  32. Tiny white lines run clockwise showing the installation status
  33. Apple Watch Is Syncing
  34. The status when Apple Watch is successfully synced
  35. While syncing, a message asks for Apps access, tap (Allow) for Apps that are compatible with Apple Watch
  36. Once completed, it will show (Apple Watch Is Ready), tap (OK)
  37. Apple Watch screen
  38. On iPhone in Watch App, it will show connected Apple Watch

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