Cancel Pairing between Apple Watch and iPhone

  1. On iPhone, select Watch App
  2. On Apple Watch at (My Watch), tap Apple Watch
  3. You’ll find paired Apple Watch, tap i (exclamation) behind Apple Watch
  4. Select (Unpair Apple Watch)
  5. A message to confirm, tap (Unpair Apple Watch)
  6. If log in with Apple ID, enter (Apple ID Password) * if do not log in, skip to item 8*
  7. Enter the password of Apple ID then tap (Unpair) *on iPhone needs Internet connection*
  8. A message shows (Unpairing)
  9. Wait for a while until (Start Pairing) appears
  10. On Apple Watch face will be as shown
  11. Apple sign appears
  12. Wait for the progress wheel
  13. Once completed, Get started page will appear for language selection

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