Check and set up APN on Truemove Wireless Configure Software

  1. After Logging in, Truemove Wireless Configure Main Page will appear
  2. On top menu, choose Internet
  3. On left menu, choose Internet Connection
  4. At the bottom it will show PDN1 Settings:
  5. Choose PDN1(Default Bearer)
  6. PDP Setting page
  7. Check following values: 
    - 2G/3G APN Name = TRUE-H Internet
    - LTE APN Name = internet
    - IP type = IPV4
    - 2G3G Authentication Type = PAP
    - 2G3G User Name = True
    -2G3G Password = True
    -  LTE Authentication Type = PAP
    -  LTE User Name = True
    -  LTE Password = True
  8. Once completed, press OK to save
  9. To set up automatic APN, at Internet Connection menu, you’ll find Auto APN below
  10. Place a check mark at Auto Configure APN and press Save *Default setting is already checked*

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