View user guide of Apple Watch via iPhone

  1. On iPhone, select Watch App
  2. On Apple Watch at (My Watch) App, tap (General)
  3. Select (About)
  4. It’ll show information of Apple Watch
  5. Go down then tap (View the Apple Watch User Guide) *Need Internet connection*
  6. After iPhone connected to Internet, it will display User Guide *User Guide language depends on the language on iPhone*
  7. Tap Table of Contents sign (3 horizontal lines on upper left corner 
  8. At (User Guide) on (Get Started) bar, tap a triangle sign on the left
  9. The menu will be minimized to show only title
  10. To expand the title, tap at preferred title e.g. (Basic)
  11. Sub menu of basic information will display e.g. (Included apps)
  12. Information of (Included apss) will appear
  13. If completed using User Guide, tap (Done) on top right
  14. Back to (General) on Watch App

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