How to set up App Huawei HiLink for 4G CAR WiFi (10 Users)

  1. At Home screen, choose [Settings]
  2. Turn on [Wi-Fi] , tap on a button --> make it green
  3. Wait a moment, device is searching for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi network will display
  4. true_CarWiFi_XXXX will appear (check SSID name from the sticker) and connect this network
  5. Enter [Password] and tap on [Join]
  6. Connecting
  7. Once connected, there’ll be a check mark at network name and a fan sign on the top left corner
  8. Return to normal page, tap on Huawei HiLink App
  9. App main page, Device disconnected status
  10. If already connected Wi-Fi and 4G CAR WiFi, wait around 5–15 seconds for the system connection. Once connected, it will show signal level, network, network operator
  11. Tap on Gear sign on the top right corner to set up
  12. Notice the Account shows Not Logg… it means not yet log in 4G CAR WiFi, tap on Account
  13. Enter the [Password] by typing password (all lowercase)
  14. Tap on Log In
  15. Return to [Settings] page again,   notice at Account, there’s no ‘Not Logg…’ message. You can set up as desired

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