How to set up Guest Wi-Fi for 4G CAR WiFi (10 Users)

  1. At Home screen, select Huawei HiLink App
  2. Wait a moment then choose Guest Wi-Fi
  3. Tap on a button to turn on Guest Wi-Fi
  4. A button turns blue means Wi-Fi is turning on
  5. Once Wi-Fi is turned on, you can change
    • Wi-Fi name = default is CarFi-Guest-Exxx
    • Password = password for Wi-Fi usage
  6. To display [Password], tap on Eye sign
  7. Password displayed
  8. Duration is time duration while connecting Wi-Fi each time, 3 options are
    • 4 h = 4 hours
    • 1 day = 1 day
    • No limit = no limit and no disconnection *default setting*
  9. Tap on a check mark on the top right corner
  10. Tap on Save to confirm
  11. Wait a moment, it will show Device not connected
  12. Tap on < on the top left 
  13. Select Exit
  14. Back to main page of Huawei HiLink App, Device disconnected status
  15. Searching for Wi-Fi network, CarFi-Guest-Exx will appear (previously show only true_CarWiFi_Exx)
  16. Press connect CarFi-Guest-E8xx
  17. Enter the [Password]
  18. Tap on [Join]
  19. Once connected, a check mark shows before CarFi-Guest-E8xx and on the top left, there’ll be Wi-Fi signal (fan) and Internet can be used now

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