How to use SMS for 4G CAR WiFi (10 Users)

[Send SMS]

  1. At Home screen, select Huawei HiLink App
  2. Wait a moment, tap on SMS (envelope)
  3. To send SMS, choose New (+)
  4. New Message, enter the information
    • Phone Number: destination number
    • Content: message content
  5. Once completed, tap on a paper plane sign (top right corner) to send message
  6. Sending…
  7. After sending, Successful: 1; failed: 0 = 1 message successfully sent; 0 message failed
  8. Message from destination device

[Receive SMS]

  1. Sender number sent message to destination number
  2. On the top of Huawei HiLink App, there’ll be a notification for New message. In SMS page, it will show content/ date-month-time/ sender number/ you can open to read the message *Power light on 4G CAR Wi-Fi will be purple and blink, if there’re unread messages or full inbox*

[Delete SMS]

  1. To delete SMS, tap on Delete at botoom left corner
  2. Place a check mark
  3. Tap on Delete icon at bottom left corner
  4. Tap on OK to confirm
  5. Deleted message has been deleted

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