Reset Factory Settings for True SMART 4G PLUS

  1. At Home screen, select [Settings]
  2. Select [Back up & Reset]
  3. And then [Factory Reset]
  4. Select [Reset]
  5. Choose [Erase all] *Before resetting, back up data first*
  6. Device will erase all data, wait a moment, device will reboot itself and [Language] page will appear, press [Next]
  7. Wi-Fi page, if don't want to connect, press [Skip]
  8. Wi-Fi confirm page, press [Skip]
  9. Have Google?  Choose Yest (have Google account) or No (no Google account)
  10. Enter Gmail account and password and then press [Next] *if already have Google account*)
  11. Use Google, press [Skip]
  12. Google and Location page, press [Next]
  13. This phone belongs to... press [Next]
  14. Google Services page, press [Next]
  15. Once completed, back to Home page and it’s ready to use

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