Enable VoWiFi first time on iPhone

  1. [Update Carrier] on Home screen, go to [Settings]
  2. Select [General]
  3. And then [About]
  4. iOS [Version] = 10.2.1 and [Carrier] = TRUE-H 27.0 wait a moment then tap Update at [Carrier Settings Update]
    Remarks: to update Carrier, iPhone should connect to Internet
  5. Wait a moment, Carrier will be changed to 27.1
  6. [Enable VoWiFi] on Home screen, go to [Settings]
  7. Select [Phone]
  8. And then [Wi-Fi Calling]
  9. At [Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone], tap a button to enable it, it will turn green *if it has been enabled and a button was green, skip to step 17 to proceed next step
  10. [Enable Wi-Fi Calling?], tap [Enable]
  11. Term & Condition (WiFi Calling: VoWiFi), tap [Accept]
  12. Back to [Wi-Fi Calling] again, tap a button to enable it
  13. [Enable Wi-Fi Calling?], tap [Enable]
  14. Processing… wait a moment, once finished, you’ll get SMS from TrueMove-H
  15. Message from TrueMove-H “You can use VoWiFi, more info click” > click link below for more information *you’ll receive this message when enable VoWiFi first time only*
  16. Safari App is ready for the access to Link = http://truemoveh.truecorp.co.th/news/detail/473
  17. Back to [Wi-Fi Calling] again, a button will turn green
  18. Connect to Wi-Fi, once connected, a fan sign will be shown on top left
  19. When connected Wi-Fi, on top left you can notice network sign and network name as well as a fan sign
  20. Turn on [Airplane Mode] > on top left there’ll be a tiny plane and TRUE-H WIFI as well as a fan sign = ready to use
  21. TRUE-H WIFI will appear when turn on Airplane mode or being in the area where no network signal only
    Remarks : if unusable or not show TRUE-H WIFI > power Off-On device once or repeat steps starting from step no. 17 again

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