Enable VoWiFi (Native) on True SMART 4G M1 Series

VoWiFi (Native) is to make call through Wi-Fi by using device qualification, no need to install additional Application

  1. On Home screen, select [Menu]
  2. Select [Settings]
  3. And then [Wi-Fi calling]
  4. Notice a button on the right (grey = Off, green = On), tap turn it on
  5. After that : green button : enabled
    • Once connected Wi-Fi => it’ll show a telephone receiver and fan sign on the top right
    • VOLTE sign will disappear
  6. Once enabled (whether system connects VoWiFi (Native) or not), Wi-Fi [Calling preference] will appear. If being in the area where having both cellular network and Wi-Fi network, choose what prefer to use first 
  7. 2 options are:
    • [Wi-Fi preferred], recommend to select this for using VoWiFi (Native) first
    • [Cellular preferred]
  8. When there’s incoming call, it’ll show [Wi-Fi call]
  9. When received call, it’ll show [Wi-Fi call] and HD sign. If making call, the destination should answer call first, so it’ll show [Wi-Fi call] as well
  10. If the device supports 4G for both 2 SIM cards, you can choose SIM for VoWiFi (Native) usage by selecting [Cellular data]
  11. [Select a SIM for data], select SIM that you want to use VoWiFi (Native) at that SIM


  1. This setting is applicable to all models of True SMART 4G M1 as well as TAB 4G M1
  2. If 2 SIM cards are inserted, VoWiFi (Native) will appear only at the selected SIM
  3. If change to choose Cellular data at SIM2 => VoWiFi (Native) will be used at SIM2
  4. If SIM1 is disabled, but Cellular data is chosen at SIM1 => SIM2 will not support VoWiFi (Native)
  5. If SIM1 is disabled, but Cellular data is chosen at SIM2 => SIM2 will support VoWiFi (Native)
  6. House Brand device will not support VoWiFi (Native) from other operators because TRUE doesn’t know the Parameters

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