Enable and Disable 4G HD Voice (VoLTE) on True SMART 4G OCTA 5.5

  1. On Home screen, select [Settings]
  2. Select [General settings]
  3. And then [More]
  4. Notice on the top “HD” will appear that means 4G HD Voice (VoLTE) is enabled and being in the service area. To disable, tap a green button at [Enhanced HD mode]
  5. A button will turn grey, notice “HD” on the top will disappear, 4G HD Voice (VoLTE) is disabled
  6. To enable 4G HD Voice [VoLTE], tap a button to enable [Enhanced HD mode]
  7. A button will turn green, “HD” will appear at the top center (should be in service area for 4G HD Voice (VoLTE))

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