Connect Power Surf II (ZTE MF668A) via TrueMove H high-speed connection App

This setting is applicable to Aircard Power Surf II (ZTE MF668A) on computer with Windows 10 OS

  1. On Desktop, you'll find TrueMove H high-speed connection
  2. ​Double click at TrueMove H high-speed connection to open App
    • Wait a moment, TrueMove H high-speed connection App will automatically open
    • App will display Initializing… UIMain.exe to start the usage of TrueMove H high-speed connection App (if notification is turned off, this message may not show)
  3. Wait a moment, TrueMove H high-speed connection will appear
  4. Notice the status: 
    • Network status and using Technology: UMTS = 3G
    • Device Ready = Air Card connected to computer > green = connected
    • (U)SIM Ready = Air Card with SIM Card inserted > green = SIM card status is normal
  5. Profile Name, select TrueMove H (default settings)
  6. Click Connect 
  7. Blinking red ball means start connecting, wait a moment
  8. Once connected, a button will change from Connect to Disconnect (to cancel, click Disconnect)
    • Send-receive data status, time to connect Internet (per 1 connection)
    • Computer icon below will show status, Data Connected = already connected
  9. At bottom right, Click at computer > It will show TrueMove H (Connection name) and the status Connected (already connected)
  10. Test surfing the Internet via various Web Browsers
  11. Check connection status after already connected Internet:
    • At bottom right corner > click computer icon
    • Click Network settings
  12. Settings: 
    • On the left, click Dial-up
    • On the right, Dial-up will appear > TrueMove H (connection name) and Connected status
  13. Click TrueMove H > Advanced options > Advanced options (if click Disconnect = will disconnect the internet)
  14. Wait a moment, TrueMove H information will appear, notice at Connection properties, it will show brief details of connection
  15. Click Edit
  16. TrueMove H settings information
  17. Scroll page down, you’ll find more information *cannot edit this information because it’s already connected > to edit information, press Disconnect at previous page so that you can edit information in this page*

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