Uninstall TrueMove H High-speed connection App

This setting is applicable to Aircard Power Surf II (ZTE MF668A) on computer via TrueMove H high speed connection App

  1. On Windows 10
  2. Click a circle icon (Search) at bottom left and type Control Panel, it'll show Control Panel > click here
  3. Control Panel screen
  4. At top right corner, View by: Category then select Large icons
  5. Large icons
  6. Click Programs and Features
  7. Programs and Features > Uninstall or change a program
    -  Go down and click TrueMove H high-speed connection
    -  Click Uninstall 
  8. TrueMove H high-speed connection Wizard > click Yes to confirm remove the installation
  9. Please remove USB MODEM from PC, before uninstalling! , then remove Aircard from computer and Yes
  10. Uninstalling TrueMove H high-speed connection App, wait a moment 
  11. Uninstall Complete, click Finish at bottom right
  12. Back to Programs and Features, notice TrueMove H high-speed connection will disappear
  13. On Windows 10:
    -  At bottom right, click Wi-Fi sign (impeller) or sometime it’ll be a computer sign (if connect LAN cable)
    -  Connected TrueMove H > click here
  14. Settings: click Dial-up, at the right it will show Connection: TrueMove H
  15. Click TrueMove H and then click Remove to delete this connection
  16. Notification wizard, click Remove to confirm
  17. TrueMove H will disappear from Dial-up

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