Check SIM information and Number on 4G Plug WiFi

This setting is applicable to 4G Plug WiFi and TRUE Home Wireless Broadband

  1. Connect Wi-Fi to 4G Plug WiFi
  2. Access Web Browser
  3. Type then press Go
  4. The system will automatically redirect to and show Welcome to Smart WiFi Devices by TrueMove H as shown. Wait a moment, the system will show SIM and number information
  5. At will display Number, Usage info, Topping package, payment, personal info
  6. Another method is go to page that can Type website URL
    • Type
    • Press Go or OK
  7. System will redirect to directly and display following information
    • Number
    • Usage information
    • Topping package
    • Payment
    • Personal info
  8. Or to scan QR Code instead of typing URL

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