Restore Factory Settings for 4G Plug WiFi via Config

This setting is applicable to 4G Plug WiFi and TRUE Home Wireless Broadband

  1. Connect Wi-Fi to 4G Plug WiFi
  2. Remarks: Config page will display only English, no Thai language
  3. At Web Browser in URL Address, type then press Enter
  4. Authentication Required page will appear for entering Username and Password
  5. Enter Username = admin and Password = password then press Login
  6. Main page of 4G Plug WiFi will appear, Smart Router > Access Point Status , it will show the connection status of 4G Plug WiFi
  7. Tap Administration > Settings > Settings Management
  8. Load Factory Default : in case of system error or device fault or to reset all settings, it can be done by pressing Load Default and wait for a while for the system to proceed and need to reconnect device to 4G Plug WiFi again
  9. Press OK to confirm
  10. Page will show processing percentage, wait until 100 % then the device will reboot itself
  11. While restoring, notice LED status will turn into light red, that means on process of device rebooting
  12. Wait until LED turns green or blue then test using the device again

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