Connect True IoT Router WiFi First time

  1. Insert normal SIM into SIM slot (left) on True IoT Router WiFi as shown, push it until locked (to remove SIM, press SIM slot, it’ll be out)
  2. Bring Adaptor
  3. Plug it into Power port of device
  4. Switch on OFF (down)/ ON (up)
  5. Power LED (left) turns blue = power on
  6. Wait a moment, Wi-Fi turns blue = Wi-Fi ready to use, red 3G/4G = not ready to use
  7. Wait a moment, blue LED at SIG = SIM TRUE connected (mobile network) *3G/4G will disappear*
  8. When device is ready to use, blue LED will show at Power, Wi-Fi and SIG, blue LED at 3G/4G will appear (blink) when sending-receiving data from mobile network only > test using the device
  9. LED status (refer to user manual page 2 – 3)
  10. Test with iPhone, select (Settings)
  11. And then Wi-Fi
  12. Back to True IoT Router WiFi : beneath the device, there’ll be a sticker shows data for device connection
    • WLAN NAME (SSID) : network name = True_IoT_Router_WiFi_47776
    • WLAN KEY : password = 30247776 (or the last 8 digits of IMEI numbers) *each device will vary / it’s default setting
  13. Back to iPhone : at Wi-Fi, tap a button on the right to turn it on
  14. Button will turn green (On), system is searching for network => True_IoT_Router-WiFi… (name per no. 12) => tap this name
  15. Enter Password
  16. Enter Wlan Key > tap Join
  17. Once connected, a check mark will appear in front of network name and a fan sign (connected Wi-Fi) will appear at the right

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