Connect Wi-Fi on Windows 10 to True IoT Router WiFi

  1. Notice at the bottom of True IoT Router WiFi, there’ll be a sticker shows data for device connection
    • WLAN NAME (SSID) : network name = True_IoT_Router_WiFi_47776
    • WLAN KEY : password = 30247776 (or the last 8 digits of device’s IMEI numbers) (each device will vary)
  2. Back to Desktop on computer
  3. Notice at the bottom right
    • Wi-Fi icon will have a red cross = Wi-Fi turned off => click this
    • Wi-Fi Turned Off => Wi-Fi icon (fan) is grey = off => click this
  4. Wi-Fi (fan) will turn blue = On, system will search for nearby network => select True_IoT_Router_WiFi_47776
  5. Connect button will appear, click this * if don’t want Windows 10 to automatically connect to Wi-Fi of True IoT Router WiFi, uncheck at Connect automatically
  6. A popup to Enter the network security key
  7. Enter the password = 30247776 (each device will vary), press Next
  8. System will show status Connecting… Verifying and connection and a Wi-Fi icon (fan) below is white with a exclamation mark, wait a moment
  9. Connected, secured will appear at network name and below Wi-Fi icon (fan) will turn white (no exclamation mark) when connected
  10. Test to access Web Browser e.g. Google Chrome, Website

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