Change Mode on True IoT Router WiFi

  1. Connect Wi-Fi to True IoT Router WiFi
  2. Access Web Browser
  3. in Website (URL) => type
  4. Wait for a while, Login Page will appear
  5. Enter information
    • Username = admin
    • Password = password
    • press Login
  6. Configuration Page of True IoT Router WiFi is at Home page
  7. On the left : Disconnect = to disconnect the Internet => click this button
  8. Disconnecting…
  9. At Current Mode : Wireless Broadband > press Change
  10. Operation Mode, 2 options are
    • Cable Broadband
    • Wireless Broadband (default)
  11. Then choose Cable Broadband and press Apply
  12. A popup to Confirm > choose Yes
  13. Device is restarted > Wi-Fi disconnected > wait for device reconnect Wi-Fi > back to configuration page > Home page > Current mode is Cable Broadband

remarks: to change Operation Mode can be done when the modem is disconnected

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