Set up SIM card's PIN on True IoT Pocket WiFi Smart1 Configuration Page

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number, it is 4-8 digits to prevent other to use SIM Card without permission. In case PIN is wrongly entered 3 times, device will be locked and unusable, it needs PUK to unlock

  1. Connect device to Wi-Fi of True IoT Pocket WiFi Smart1 (check Wi-Fi name and password  from a sticker at the back of device)
  2. Open a web browser e.g. IE or Chrome then type : and press Enter
  3. At Login page, enter the Password = password then press Login
  4. Configuration Page of True IoT Pocket WiFi Smart1
  5. Select Settings > Device Settings > PIN Management > if want to set PIN, you need to disconnect the internet first so you can set up (to disconnect : go to Home > press Disconnect)

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