Share Internet via Wi-Fi on Vivo V9

  1. On main screen, select (Settings)
  2. Tap (Personal Hotspot)
  3. And then tap (Hotspot configuration)
  4. Configuration page
    • Network ID = network name 
    • Security = 2 options : None = not set the password and WPA2 PSK = default
    • Password = contains at least 8 characters
  5. Once completed, tap (Done) 
  6. Afterwards go back to (Personal Hotspot), you can set up more
    • Data limit per use : choose preferred number or define it yourself
    • Number of connections allowed : 1 – 8 devices
  7. At (Wi-Fi Hotspot), tap a button to turn it on
  8. System will turn on Wi-Fi network, a button is blue and circling dots that means sharing Wi-Fi network
  9. At (Device connected) = it’ll show device name and at sharing network sign will have a number (1 = number of device connected)
  10. At Notification Center, it’ll show (Tethering or hotspot active) and number of device connected now
  11. To check device information, at (Device connected), tap that name of device
  12. Device information
    • Name = device name : can tap to change it
    • MAC address = MAC address of connected device
    • IP address = using IP address
    • Add to blacklist = block device to unable to use

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